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by | Dec 9, 2018 | Club News, Trail Reports, What We're Talking About

Equipment will be back out tomorrow morning moving trees and packing the snow that we have.

Looks like 6-12″ town line north
And 12-24″ further north.
It’s really elevation affected after the warm weather and rain last weekend.

PLEASE NOTE…….as I mentioned before, there are many logging operations ongoing and many areas of our trail system will be CLOSED UNTIL ALL EQUIPMENT, HARVESTED TIMBER HAVE BEEN REMOVED. If you encounter a plowed road or logging operation please turn around and go the other way! We will do our best to get signage out before the weekend.
As of now unless things changed since yesterday, everything that was closed last year still is again, PLUS….

Corridor 5(South Bay trail)
138 and 139 from Carr ridge bridge and corridor 5 to cedar stream (corridor 20)
Corridor 5 and 20 all of Smith Brook and behind second lake.
Beaman Hill loop, 145.
Corridor 20 to Maine.
These are all CLOSED !!

Please don’t over analyze this, it can and might change by the day.
We will keep you posted as best possible.

Here are are few Q & A on Facebook

Q. When will the new trail maps be out? Well they reflect these changes?

A. Maps are not printed as of yet. Hopefully will be out soon. Waiting on definite answer on what and where all logging will happen.

Q. Wow. I’m going to go grab my 2018 map but boy that sounds like a lot of lost miles.

A. Mostly only temporarily

Q. Will magaloway to the fire tower be open this year?

A. No

We will keep you posted on the trails.


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