The Pittsburg Fire & Rescue has a very well equipped snowmobile rescue trailer. The squad brought it to the January 2003 club meeting to display the equipment and inform club members about preparations to handle winter back country emergencies. We all hope it never has to be used, but it could make the difference between life and death! Equipment has been purchased with funds donated by the club from various fund raisers, yearly donations from the “Warming Hut” and various state and federal grants obtained by the Pittsburg Fire and Rescue Squad. Further donations and grants will be used to supply and improve the equipment. Anyone wishing to donate funds can do so by sending them to the Pittsburg Fire and Rescue Department or by contacting the club. Remember have fun and ride safely. Call 911 for all Emergencies

Pittsburg Police ………………… 603.538.7003
Pittsburg Fire & Rescue ……. 603.538.6972
UCV Hospital ……………………. 603.237.4971
Colebrook Dispatch ………….. 603.237.5555

Please be especially careful during the early season as there are many hazards just under the light blanket of new snow. Don’t ruin your new sled and the rest of your riding this season by going off trail and hitting a hidden stump or rock. Please pay particular attention to warning signs and directions along the trail. Treat the land you are riding through with the utmost respect. Remember you are a guest on someone else’s private property. CAUTION – If you decide to venture out on frozen bodies of water please be very cautious. Always avoid the stream inlet areas and dam areas of any lakes and ponds. If any doubt exists about the safety of the ice DON’T GO! Wet clothing in freezing temperatures can be lethal!