Trail Report from Kevin

by | Dec 7, 2018 | Club News, Trail Reports, What We're Talking About

Good news is the A team is out clearing trees, finishing signage that is possible to do and tracking down the pucker brush , would have used Willy wags but not sure if that’s only a Pittsburg term.

As of now the Pittsburg Ridge Runners trail system is still currently closed.

The scheduled date of anticipated Trail opening is still December 15th and all of this depends on the current operating logging jobs, snow cover and the ability to safely open any and or all of the trail system. With continued cold temperatures the majority of the body’s of water here have capped over with an extremely thin dangerous layer of ice. We do not live in Antarctica as it is seen at times by people from away, this is still New Hampshire and yes our Winters do generally come earlier than most people’s, but by no means is any ice safe to operate an OHRV, walk on or anything else.

As things transpire over the next seven or eight days I will post updates as to what will be open and what will be closed as of December 15th. I know you’re all ready to get out and take your first ride but remember safety is the number one concern for all of us, so take it easy once you get out there and enjoy the scenery. There still will be areas with limited snow cover, possibly open water bars and even a few trees that may come down after the guys have been through with the equipment to open the trails.

I’m looking forward to a great snowmobile season for the Pittsburg Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club and a safe season for each and every one of you that comes to visit.

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