Kevin’s Friday morning Trail Report – March 19th, 2021

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Club News, Trail Reports, What We're Talking About

“Last night all 4 machines went out, running tandem. Two on the west side and two on the east side. 

West side – Trails done last night – 140, 142, 147, 112, Deer Mountains and 9 Mile Loop. 

Malvina will get hit tonight.

East side – Dave and Jason will hit everything they did last night again and an added bonus, Boundary Pond will be done tonight.

We are recommending trailering north to get to better conditions. Back Lake area has lots mud, dirt, rocks and getting to gas is rough. Easier to gas sleds while on the trailer. 

But to get out of Back Lake area, it’s possible to take Trail 142/Farr Road. 

Trail closure: A Scott Rd/Trail 141 to Jct 377 is closed due to lack of snow cover and landowner request. 

No other trail closures.

Groomers will be out there tonight and maybe tomorrow night.

Tomorrow is the 1st Annual Vintage Ride . The group will be riding in the Indian Stream area, heading to Terrell Pond and then having a cook-out.

So watch for Old Iron out there, some very cool looking machines. This group is planning on making this an annual spring vintage ride.

Have a great weekend and we’ll give you another update on Sunday.” 


Click here for Kevin’s full LIVE video trail report. 


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