Trail Report – Tuesday, March 10th

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TRAIL REPORT – 3/10/20

“Let’s face it the weather has not cooperated except for about two to three weeks the entire season.
We are experiencing temperatures in the high forties today with some rain overnight. Mid 50s and sunshine yesterday and the rest of the week is looking relatively warm also.

At this point there’s only a few nights between now and Sunday that there is any potential for even attempting to go out and groom.
With that being said most of you probably realize a few closures were bound to happen.


Trail 142 from The Buck Rub Pub South to Murphy dam junction 34.

The fields between Dorman’s Quickstop to Young store.

Trail 141 / 147 junction 1 to junction 217

Corridor 20 is open from Maine to Vermont. There is limited snow cover south of Pittsburg village.

The only route out of the Back Lake area to access trails Northeast and Northwest is trail 142 North behind the former Yamaha dealership.

As the weather is predicted to continue to fail thereĀ  may be more trail closures to be updated.

If the temperatures allow and the moisture content in the snow dries out or freezes adequately that we feel we can go out and groom without doing more damage than good we will but as of right now it is unknown for sure when and how much we will be able to groom.

There’s plenty of snow to the north if it’s cold enough and dries out enough to make it worth it. We want to give everybody the best riding they can have for the next two or three weeks until it all most likely will end up melting.
Don’t give up hope, don’t cancel your plans but it is highly recommended that you trailer your snowmobiles North to the northern provided parking lots and ride from there.

If you are unfamiliar there is a parking lot just south of Magalloway Road on Route 3 called the Cunningham lot.

There is a parking lot across from Magalloway RoadĀ  next to Coon Brook Road.
And there are various turn out near the East Inlet/Deer Mountain campground area as well as a large parking lot just off from Sophie’s Lane adjacent to the warming hut.

Conditions as of right now are to be expected as spring like with marginal to limited snow cover south of 1st Connecticut Lake.
To the Northwest and Northeast there still should be plenty of snow cover and some excellent riding conditions to be had.
There’s even a possibility that we may get a groomer out onto the Melvina area and The Nine Mile loop on Indian.
Again, no promises on grooming but we are really hoping that we can get out there at least a couple nights between now and Sunday.”

Kevin Lassonde, grooming coordinator.

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