Kevin’s Trail Report- 2/23/2020

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Club News, Trail Reports

Trail Report-

Anyone who is around today already knows the weather is gorgeous. But not so gorgeous for grooming.

Three machines will be heading out very late tonight to hopefully cover some terrain.

We definitely can’t change the weather. Looking even warmer tomorrow so it’s unclear right now how much we will be able to do after tonight for the next couple days until the temperature drops and the wet snow dries out to a point that it’s workable again. If it’s possible to groom we definitely will be, it’s how we roll.

I have noticed some comments on the Malvina trail and a few others.

As some may or may not realize, we have more mileage of trail than we can adequately maintain every night. This is something I have known for a few seasons now and it’s starting to rear it’s ugly head.

Until further notice malvina for one will not see a groomer again unless I feel we are caught up on everything else and can keep it that way.

We HAVE to worry about the major corridors and arteries and let other loops take a back seat.

So I’ll list a few places that will not be maintained until further notice, still open but unmaintained.
Malvina connection to 146
9 Mile loop on upper Indian
Cowan Hill trail
142 connection to malvina
Boundary Pond

Sorry for the not so good news but something has to give. Way too many miles to cover to meet the standards my operators and I expect to produce for you.


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