Warming Hut for 2/17

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Club News, Trail Reports, Warming Hut, What We're Talking About

This Saturday, The Warming Hut is having our annual Pittsburg Fire/Rescue Benefit. The Fire/Rescue rig will be on display unless they get called into action. The PRRSC donates all the proceeds from the food sales on 2/17/18 to The Pittsburg Fire Department to help with purchases of equipment and supplies. We would like to have a big turnout to show the PFD how much we all appreciate having these brave professionals help us in our time of need! So, come to The Hut “hungry” and have some lunch to help show your support.
We will be serving “Spirit Station Beef Chili” donated by Gunstock Mountain’s Centerplate Food Service. John’s recipe is a Lakes Region Chili Cookoff 1st place winner! Clubhouse Turkey Soup is always on the menu as well as fresh baked cookies, whoopi pies, candies, PRR hats, maps, raffle tickets, hot & cold drinks and lots of fun!
So if you’re enjoying the best trails in NH, (The PRRSC trails, of course), stop up to The Hut and show how much we appreciate the men & women of The Pittsburg Fire Department!
Two Sue’s, Brynn and myself will be your “Hut Hosts”, so come on up!DSC02171

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