Pittsburg Ridge Runners Trail Report – Christmas night 2017

by | Dec 25, 2017 | Club News, Trail Reports, What We're Talking About

Merry Christmas to all!

We have received some rain on Saturday and cooler temps and a mere couple of inches of new snow today out of the “Christmas blizzard” as predicted.

But anyway, groomers will back in action tomorrow, some during the day and more at night. Trails should continue to improve each night as we begin to operate on a more steady schedule. Early predictions show frigid temps for the next two weeks to fully set our base to a concrete consistency.

Please be alert and watch for a few open water bars and most likely the occasional downed tree from the recent storms.

Use caution on any shared or closely joined trail with logging trucks and equipment.
Please don’t not stop, stand or leave your snowmobile in or around ANY plowed portion of these shared areas>, on average a loaded tractor and trailer weighs in excess of 100,000 pounds, yes 50 tons!!!
And add in momentum with slippery roads all this can mean is disaster. Please respect the drivers and other timber workers out there, this is their living which has a short season just like snowmobiling.

Lastly, be sure to always do your best to dress for the weather, be prepared for the worse.
Frost bite isn’t worth it!
Ride safe, plan ahead and let someone know approximately where you plan to ride and when you will be back.

Enjoy the holiday vacation week with us at your favorite lodge or cabin in Pittsburg NH.

Kevin Lassonde, PRRSC Grooming Coordinator.

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