Trail Report December 14th, 2017

Dec 14, 2017 | Club News, Trail Reports, What We're Talking About

Current trail report posted on the Pittsburg Ridge Runners Facebook page on Wednesday, December 13th.

“Good afternoon fellow Ridge Runners members and guests of Pittsburg,

As of today Pittsburg has received 6-10 inches of new snow from the latest storm over the past few days. This will definitely improve the much needed snow cover on our system.

At this time our system will NOT open until Thursday December 21!

Here is a abbreviated list of items still in progress that must happen BEFORE we can safely open the trail system to ohrv traffic.

Active logging operation on corridor 20 and primary trail 136, jobbers are removing the remaining timber and related equipment out this week and possibly into the weekend.

112 Magalloway Rd reroute/shared trail, numerous brand new culverts (20+) were installed yesterday with only brush and a small amount of snow over them, we need to further bury these with more snow before traffic can cross them safely and without damaging them, each pipe cost depending on diameter $200-500.00 each.

All of the downed trees from the October storm still need to be pushed out with groomers which could not happen until now with the recent snow fall.
Multiple gates must be removed or opened.

The public’s safety is foremost in mind and until these projects are completely done we can’t open the trail system. Believe me, in the end you will all be thankful for the wait, by next Thursday we will hopefully have more than 80% of our trails open and possibly all of them.

Groomers will start moving trees, tracking, filling water bars and packing on Monday morning.

Please understand this is in the best interest of our landowner commitments, the riders and anyone else involved.
Enjoy your upcoming weekend finishing up those last minute holiday shopping trips or getting your trailers serviced for the long bumpy winter ahead!?


Kevin Lassonde, Board of Director and Grooming Coordinator PRRSC posted on the Pittsburg Ridge Runners Facebook page

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