Warming Hut Update for 2/11/17

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Club News, Trail Reports, Warming Hut, What We're Talking About

The next few weeks will bring lots of people to Pittsburg and The Great North Woods. School vacation weeks are the busiest of all winter. There will be lots to do, starting with The North Country Firefighters Poker Run this Saturday at 8am at The Colebrook Fire Station. Next Saturday, the 18th, The PRR Warming Hut will be having the annual fundraiser for The Pittsburg Fire/Rescue Squad. The proceeds of The Hut for the day are donated to the PFD. We will have The Rescue Rig on display from 10am to 3pm (unless they’re called into action) so come on up and show your support for these fine men & women who help us in our time of need. On the 25th, the Pittsburg H/S Class of 2017 will have their Poker Run beginning at Young’s Store at 8am, then, from 4:30 to 7pm at The PRR Clubhouse, The PRR Steak Feed will be the place to be for prizes, a great steak dinner and the drawing for the 2017 SkiDoo sled! Mark your calendars!
This week at The Hut we have some great eats! The folks at The Buck Rub are making their wonderful Clam Chowder for us. It’s sure to be delicious. Cathy, from Partridge Cabins, will be making her Baked Beans and some Whoopi Pies for all to enjoy. We will have lots of Clubhouse Turkey Soup, “hut” dogs by the hundreds, cookies, snacks, candies, PRR Hats, sweatshirts, maps and raffle tickets for the 2017 Ski Doo.
Stop by The PRR Warming Hut and have a drink, snack, lunch or just take a break! Cin Dee, Suzi and I will be your hosts and we promise to have the heat on for ya!

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