Warming Hut 2/1 Groundhog Day!

by | Jan 30, 2014 | Warming Hut | 0 comments

This Saturday we find out whether Phil see’s his shadow or not. It really doesn’t matter too much, we know in Pittsburg there will most likely be at least 6 more weeks of winter!

This week we will have our ever popular Turkey soup, a surprise of either Anita’s split pea or Helga’s beef barley soup, our famous Hut Dogs (the best north of the MA border!), hot & cold drinks, fresh baked cookies, candies & snacks. We are ready and waiting to see our friends, new and old, so come on up to say hi, have a drink or a snack, warm up and shoot the bull!

It’s going to be great weather for the 3 State Reciprosity weekend and the trails are in great shape! The PRR Trails are some of the best in NH! Come on up!

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