Kevin’s Sunday morning Trail Report – 3/21/2021

What a great weekend in Pittsburg!! The 1st Annual Vintage Ride was a great success with over 150 machines attending.

Great turnout, great trails and fantastic weather made for a fun filled day.


Kevin’s Trail Report – Sunday Morning, 3-21-2021

“Trails marked in Black are closed. All the trails in the northern part of our trail system are open.

You will need to trailer at this time. Gas and services are not accessible by sled due to bare ground.

Please park in the designated parking areas only. Do not park along Route 3. If you see NO PARKING signs, that means NO PARKING.

You can and will be ticketed.

Please use caution on the lakes. Ice Fishermen last week reported 18 inches of crappy ice. Spring seems to be coming much sooner this year.

Canaan Border Riders and Colebrook Ski-bees have closed their trail systems.

Our Groomers are all back at the barn. Can’t promise if they will go out again with the warm temperatures this week.

Enjoy the trails. This is my last Live video Trail Report for this season, and we’ll be talking to you again next season.”

Kevin Lassonde, PRR Grooming Coordinator

Click here for Kevin’s LIVE video trail report.