Conditions Update – 12/31/19

WARNING – Please stay off the Connecticut Lakes and Lake Francis.

These lakes had open water last week. 

Please do not put yourself and our emergency personnel in harm’s way. 

Conditions update.

Most of this area received 3-4″ of new snow.

This map depicts what is open and not necessarily groomed or maintained.

Anything in black is still closed and should be respected!

TRAIL 141 FROM JCT 1 AT BACK LAKE ROAD TO JCT 377 (4 CORNERS TRAIL) IS CLOSED!! Local landowners access only! 

Landowner request. If it is not obeyed there is the possibility of losing that section of trail.

Reminder: The trail between Young’s Store and Dorman’s gas remains closed until further notice.

If there is a No Snowmobile sign and or snowfence please do not go around it.

We will be grooming the northern areas Thursday, Friday and possibly Saturday.

Think snow because we definitely don’t have enough to really be open south of Magalloway Road.
Happy New year!”
Kevin Lassonde grooming coordinator