Kevin’s Trail Report – Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

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Kevin’s Trail Report

“We didn’t receive that much snow so far today, but this afternoon it really started snowing heavily. Weather forecasts are predicting 6 to 18” of snow for our area. We’ll see what happens and we’ll update you.

Monday night all the groomer operators reported the entire trail system is the best conditions possible. With the amount of snow we have, the trails are in excellent shape providing great mid-week riding.

Trail Conditions: 

  • South of Back Lake, Pittsburg Village and to Vermont- Good
  • Back Lake hub area – Very Good to Excellent
  • All Points North, West and East – Very Good to Excellent

The trail conditions of all our neighboring snowmobile clubs, Swift Diamond Riders, Colebrook Ski-Bees, Errol, Canaan Border Riders are in great shape as well.

The groomers will be out nightly processing this new snow, and we will update you on snow totals in a day or so. 

Thank you very much, and we’ll talk to you later.”

Kevin Lassonde, PRR Grooming Coordinator

You can see Kevin’s full video trail report here.

Up Coming Events

VT’s Open Snowmobile Weekend – February 5, 6, 7th 2021, Insurance requirements

2/11 – Thursday, Monthly Club Meeting – 7:30 PM at the Club House

2/13 – Saturday,  Back Lake Shoot Out Races – at 11:00 AM

2/27 – Saturday,  Golden Child Back Lake Races 

NH’s Open Snowmobile Weekend March 5, 6 & 7th 2021

Maine’s Open Snowmobile Weekend – March 5, 6, 7th 2021

3/6 – The Parade of Lights – ??  A decision will be made in a week or so about this event.

3/11 – Thursday, Monthly Club Meeting – 7:30 PM at the Club House

Have fun on the trails! 


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