Trails officially closing Thursday, March 26th.

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Club News, Trail Reports

Just to clarify for everybody our snowmobile club does not have the authority to open or close the property owned by the New Hampshire headwaters, meaning the state-owned land. We could have closed private land that our system runs through but it was only going to make sense to shut it all down at the same time in order to do that we had to wait for The graces of the state.

Here is the official word. all trails in the state of New Hampshire will close as of tomorrow public and private.
this message was copied and pasted directly from the bureau of trails email that I received.

The NH Bureau of Trails, in coordination with local clubs, will close the NH Snowmobile Trail Network for the season on Thursday, March 26. Trails will be closed to riders as of sunset. Despite the spring snows from Monday’s storm, conditions are still deteriorating on the trails daily and all grooming operations have already ceased for the season. The rapidly changing trail conditions, no access to services, concern for landowner’s property as the snow melts and desire to limit distance travel at this time have prompted the decision to shut down the trails.

“We are very appreciative of all efforts from the clubs over the winter, and our private landowners that allow the trails on their properties,” said Trails Chief, Chris Gamache. “We look forward to next winter and all of residents and visitors being able to get out on the trails again for a great riding season.”

We have had a lot of calls and emails from clubs, local Police Departments, local Select Boards and others inquiring about this topic.

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