UPDATE on Trails, Snow, Pressure Ridge and Temperatures from Kevin Lassonde

by | Jan 4, 2018 | Club News, Trail Reports, What We're Talking About

“Good evening fellow Ridge Runners,

Here’s my update for Thursday January 4:

We are receiving some snow at this time and like always the total amounts predicted are from 1″-40″ so all we can do is wait until it’s over.

Corridor 20 from Shatney Mtn. towards Beecher Falls VT is open but will not be groomed again until we get sufficient snowfall.

Pressure ridge developing on 1st CT Lake – Chantal Masson Carney photo

As you can plainly see in the above photo taken by Chantal Masson Carney, there is a pressure ridge forming on 1st CT. Lake.
Please be aware and very cautious around and near any ridge. They can be deadly if hit while riding your snowmobile or ATV.
Again there are predicted low temperatures for Friday night through Sunday. As of right now Pittsburg has a predicted HIGH temperature of NEGATIVE 15° for the daytime Saturday and NEGATIVE 30° for a low on Saturday night without wind chills to drop it even lower.

I can’t stress enough to dress in layers if you decide to still ride this weekend.
Be sure to tell someone where you are going and about when you plan to be back.

Carry extra gloves, winter hat and disposable hand and foot warmers.
Anything can happen out there.

Without question Groomers will NOT be operating on Saturday night!! Safety of my operators is number one and them being out there at -30 is completely unsafe.

All of the appreciative comments this past week have been great, we do our best to give everyone optimum conditions for what old man winter deals to us.
Ride safe, ride smart, keep to the right and enjoy everything Pittsburg has to offer!!!”
Respectfully, Kevin Lassonde Grooming Coordinator.

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