Trail Report – March 2nd, 2017

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Respectfully submitted, Kevin Lassonde grooming coordinator.

Ok here it is.
Myself and two of the trails bureau employees rode this morning and found multiple scenerios.
To be completely honest, there is no doubt heavy ice cover, some dirt and still some underlying snow in the local area, which to me is from back lake to first lake, and out 138,139 towards 5. All 5 groomers are out now to try to break up the ice and crust layer to make it safer and create lubrication and steering snow.
I still am confident that the riding North and east will improve greatly with grooming efforts.
Expect spring or early season conditions, with ice, open water bars and possible trees down from the high winds today.
Trailering to magalloway or East inlet is highly recommended.
There are some trails with little enough snow cover locally that we will not be grooming them at all, but will do our best to give everyone a groomed trail out (I use the term groomed for lack of a better word).
Contrary to popular belief these machines are capable of an awful lot and I have skilled personnel running them but they will have a tough time grinding some of the ice pack out there.

Groomer Update
In radio conversation with the guys out tonight, all have said they are able to break up the ice to certain extents. Some areas much better than others.
As one of my very seasoned guys stated “going well, mostly was all still flat, hard icy corners but coming out good. And some of it is what it is.”
So there you go, and they will be back out again tomorrow afternoon to grind it up another time.

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