Are you wondering if Pittsburg has any riding???? We sure do!

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Trail Reports, What We're Talking About

" The trails are a 10!" Brandon Roy photo 2/22/2016

” The trails are a 10!” says Brandon Roy on our Facebook page.      Brandon Roy photo 2/22/2016

Also on Facebook; “Had a great time…did 150 miles…trails were the nicest I’ve seen this season!!!” says Ronnie Judd.

All of you riders that made the decision to come up and ride…..good choice.   The northern trails got more snow over the weekend, and three of the PRR groomers were out last night and there’s one groomer out today.

The northern and eastern trails continue to be great with plenty of snow.

If you want to ride and your not expecting typical late February conditions,  you will find great riding in the Boundary Pond, Stub Hill and in any of the higher elevation areas.

Yes, we do have Spring conditions in the high traffic areas. If you want to avoid any of that, you can trailer to Magalloway or the East Inlet parking areas.

The forecast looks great for the next couple of days.

Come on up.


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