Trail Report for March 22nd, Tuesday, 2016

Trail Report for March 22nd, Tuesday, 2016
Paul Turcotte photo

The Burg’s northern trails last weekend, March 19th 2016. Paul Turcotte phot

Our Trails remain open except Trail 141 from Dorman’s Gas to Young’s Store.  If you do want to ride, trailering north to Magalloway Road or to the East Inlet area is suggested. We are forecasted to get more snow later today, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday totaling who knows maybe 3, 5 to 8 inches.This could be the last weekend to ride so let’s hope we get a good dumping.
Riders please use caution and watch for water bars and icy corners. It’s still Spring conditions out there.
Please use caution and slow down.
Up Coming Events
  • 4/ 14 – 6:30 Pot Luck Dinner and 7:30 Monthly Meeting.

Happy Easter and we hope you enjoy the weekend.



There is a pressure ridge on 1st CT Lake and Lake Francis. Please use caution on the lakes.
Please do not snowmobile on  plowed roads. It’s illegal.