Warming Hut is closed for the season

It’s a sad time for snowmobiliers when the trails melt. It’s sad for all of us who work hard to make The PRR Warming Hut a fun place for all to visit too. Sue and I want to thank all the folks who help us every week during riding season to make The Hut possible. We are very lucky to have folks who help us host at the hut, bake delicious goodies, make soups & stews, order and receive products and provide us with what we need to make it all happen! We also want to thank The State of NH Dept. of Parks & Recreation who make the building we use available to us. I do the easy part, without all of them, it wouldn’t be possible! Thanks, have a great summer, we look forward to the 2016/17 riding season. We’ll see you at The Hut in 2017


Bob Gaudette