Warming Hut for 2/10/2018

With several recent snow events, the riding should be great!
Mark your calendars for February 17th, The PRRSC Warming Hut will be having our annual Fire/Rescue benefit. We will donate the proceeds of The Hut that day to The Pittsburg Fire Department. Come on up and show your support!
This Saturday we will have our famous Clubhouse Turkey Soup, Clam Chowder from The Buck Rub, “Hut Dogs” by the hundreds, lots of fresh baked goodies, candies, PRR hats, maps, raffle tickets as well as hot & cold drinks and lots of laughs!
If you’re enjoying the best trails in NH (The PRRSC Trails of course) be sure to stop in to The Hut! This weeks hosts are Cathy and Terry Swain along with Sue and I. Come on up!