Pittsburg Ridge Runners Trail Report Thursday February 20, 2014

   The current temperature is 28 degrees with a partly cloudy sky. We have received close to 2 feet of snow in the past week. Trails to the north are in great condition . Mid elevation trails north of the village are very good to great, and south of Back Lake is very good to great. There are many events going on this weekend. The Pittsburg high school class will be having a poker run begining at Youngs store and ending at the PRR clubhouse Saturday, The third vintage race of the season will take place in Errol next door to the Buffalo farm, and the annual Pittsburg Ridge Runners steak feed and raffle sled drawing will be on Saturday evening at 4:30 raffle sled drawing will be at 7pm. Very few raffle tickets are left and they are going fast. We are 100% open and grooming nightly.  Come on up and ride some fantastic trails! 
Keith Landry
Groomer Coordinator / Director


Boundary Pond Jct. 834 to pond Open/Unmaintained
144 Jct. 1354 E. Inlet to 918 Moose Brook/2nd Lake Open/Great
145 E. Inlet Jct. 296 to 707 Open/Great
5 Jct. 455 to Canada Open/Great
141 Perry Jct. 1748 over Deer Mtn to 455 to Canada Open/Great
5 Smith Brook Camps Jct. 507 to 455 Canada/Deer Mtn Open/Great
5 Smith Brook Jct. 243 at Magalloway to 507 Camps Open/Great
20 Jct. 1354 to Maine border Open/Great
20 Coosie Brook @ Magalloway Jct. 581 to 532 Smith Brook Open/Great
143 Camp 8 to Jct. 588 Open/Great
143 Camp 8 Jct. 2226 to Camp 6 Open/Great
137/143 W Branch Jct. 3130 to M Branch 1776 Open/Great
112 Magalloway Rte 3 to Jct. 448 South Bay Open/Great
112 Magalloway Jct. 3092 to Jct. 448 South Bay Open/Very Good
112 Magalloway/4 Mile Jct. 1052 to 3092 Garfield Falls Closed/Logging
136 Pisgah Jct 2434 to 1052 Magalloway/4 Mile Errol Closed/Logging
20 Cedar from Jct. 1917 Pierces to 581 Magalloway Open/Great
140 McKeags trail Jct. 22 Carr Ridge to Jct. 1917 Pierces Open/very Good
5 Pierces/South Bay Jct. 1917 to 448 Magalloway Open/Great
139 from Carr Ridge Jct. 1 to Jct. 902 Closed/Logging
140/138 form Young’s Store Jct. 131 to 1180 South Bay Open/Very Good
141 Young’s field Jct. 131 to Jct. 132 Open/Very Good
139 Rte 3 Lopstick to Jct. 139 @ River Rd Open/Very Good
139 Ramblewood from Perry Jct. 174 to Lopstick Open/Great
140 Perry Jct. 1096/112 Klondike to Jct. 4020 Magalloway Rte 3 Open/Great
140 Perry Jct. 174 to 35 Perry Deer Mtn Open/Great
140 Mtn. View Jct. 131 to 341 Farr Rd. Perry Open/Good/Very Good
142/147 West Perry Jct. 409 Farr Rd to 35 Open/Great
141 Indian from Jct. 2684 Roaring Brook to 35 Perry Open/Great
141 Indian from Jct. 377 4 Corners to 2684 Roaring Brook Open/Very Good/Great
142 Terrell Pond/Halls Stream Jct. 2967 to 1080 Open/Great
142 Roaring Brook from Jct. 543 W Perry to Jct. 2684 Indian Open/Very Good/Great
141 from Clubhouse Jct. 163 to 4 Corners 377 Open/Good/Very Good
142 from Jct. 14 behind Yamaha to Jct. 409 at gravel pit Open/shared plowed
142 Village from Jct. 486 to 163 Village Open/Very Good
146 Shatney from Jct. 486 to 217 Open/Very Good
20 Halls Stream from Jct. 486 to Jct. 2572 Open/Very Good

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