Trail Update – Friday, December 20th

With continued light snowfall over the past few days and cold temperatures we are able to open some more trail.

As of tomorrow morning everything on this map that is not covered in Black will be open for use.
It is still recommended to trailer North for better conditions.

Expect early-season riding, limited snow cover in places and most likely some open water bars on trails that are not on a gravel road system.

Use extreme caution any base that we had before the new powder was solid ice and could create dangerous conditions to unsuspecting riders.

Our trail system now will be able to connect with the Swift diamond riders system.
Please refer to each individual snowmobile clubs web page or Facebook page to determine what it is on their particular trail system that will be open for the weekend.

Please ride carefully.
Respect the landowners, without them we have nothing.

Kevin Lassonde, grooming coordinator.
(Groomer Grinch 🙂)