Public Safety Alert – 2/17/2016

Pittsburg Fire & Rescue about to retrieve tow riders (in the background) stuck in water on First Connecticut Lake. Everyone is safe and OK.

Today the local Fire & Rescue departments responded to a water rescue on First Connecticut Lake to retrieve two snowmobilers (in the background)  stuck in rainwater on top of the lake ice.

Pittsburg received an inch of rain on Tuesday creating large pockets of  rainwater on top of the lake ice and these pockets of water have now frozen over on the surface.  Today two snowmobilers riding on First Connecticut Lake got stuck in a deep pool of water on the surface of the lake ice.  Emergency personnel from all the local departments responded to the scene and the two riders were soon pulled from the water. Everyone was safe and sound.

These pockets of water may be present on all of the lakes and extreme caution is advised.