Posting at the request of the club president

The recent Sno-Traveler had some good information that deserves repeating.

Captain Walsh of Fish & Game made a point of the fact that hand signals while operating a snowmobiles are not safe and not advisable. Use of hand signals by the operator is “operating to endanger” because it can and does lead to loss of control. Please: Hands on the handlebars.
Chris Gamache of the Trails Bureau discussed the problem of off trail riding. He noted that in NH, the law says that clubs and the Trails Bureau can get permission from landowners for public trails, and where that permission is granted an individual rider doesn’t have to get written permission for themselves.” “When a rider chooses to leave the designated trail and go traveling, they are deciding to operate illegally and they are also deciding that they would be okay with the landowner closing the public trail.”
Stay on Trail or Stay Home.