Another Trail Update – Friday, January 12th, 2018

Most of you that have already arrived in Pittsburg or have been here for the past few days already know that we have received heavy heavy rains lots of fog and temperatures at almost 60 degrees.

I’m sure everybody’s wondering what the Outlook is for the rest of the weekend, none of us can really predict the weather but my assumption is from looking at any of the trails that I can see from the main roads that the riding still going to be fair to good it is undetermined as of now when we will be able to groom again as I’ve said before it takes more than snow and cold temperatures.

After all of this rain the water has to run off be cautious for Open Water bars, frozen overflowing culverts, possibly downed trees and flooded areas of Trail in the low-lying areas.

As soon as I can get a handle on the what the weather is really going to do I will post another update as to when we will be able to take the groomers out and start to grind up what is left and hopefully have some new snow to start to blend in to recover our trail system to keep it the best that it can be.

Kevin Lassonde, Grooming Coordinator.